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Our Clients

Our focus is on the energy markets, those who trade in them and those who provide services to energy traders.

Since 2002 we have developed and presented tailored on-site training courses or performed other consulting assignments for over 40 companies, including many of the world’s largest oil companies and commodity trading houses. For several of these customers we provide regular programmes of on-site education for their graduate intake and trading support teams. Many additional companies have read our reports and attended public seminars and workshops.

Our customers include:

  • Integrated major oil and gas companies
  • National oil and gas companies
  • Independent refining and petroleum marketing companies
  • Commodity trading houses
  • Banks and financial trading houses
  • Utilities and energy supply companies
  • Oil and gas storage operators
  • Energy end-users, industrial companies and airlines
  • Brokers, energy market operators and trading exchanges
  • Government regulators
  • Energy trading and risk management software providers
  • Energy information publishers and price reporting agencies
  • Management consulting firms
  • Providers of legal, insurance and banking services to energy traders