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Principal Consultants

Nigel Harris

Nigelís first contribution to energy trading was in the design and development of decision support software for oil traders in the late 1980s. For over ten years, Nigel worked closely with traders, mainly in the USA, to bring analysis of market prices and fundamental data to their desktops, and to develop analysis for new instruments and new markets, such as options, swaps and natural gas.

He subsequently worked as an independent consultant, providing assistance on a project basis to oil and gas trading companies and to energy market information and trading software providers in Europe and the Americas, before forming Kingston Energy Consulting with Mary Jackson in 2002. He has an MA and a PhD in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.





Mary Jackson

Mary began her career at BP's information management group, where she led projects to review existing information systems, research user requirements and design and implement new systems. Subsequently she worked as a supply and trading analyst, responsible for negotiating inter-company exchanges, supply planning and market analysis of the crude, products and derivatives markets.

She subsequently worked as an energy consultant with a trading technology company, providing advice and training on energy market analysis, trading and risk management to companies throughout the world. She also developed and ran an energy market information aggregation service for oil traders. She spent some time as an independent energy market consultant before she formed Kingston Energy Consulting with Nigel Harris in 2002. Mary has a B.A. honours degree from Bristol University and a masters degree from London University in information and archive studies.