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We can offer independent and objective advice, reports, briefings and practical assistance based on our experience and knowledge of energy markets.  Our consulting projects are often extensions of our education or report writing activities, but we also do work that draws on our extensive experience of energy market information and information technology.

The following are some examples of projects we have completed recently.

European LNG import prospects

A company with LNG contracts outside Europe came to us for help in understanding the fundamental limits on European LNG import levels.  Our analysis focused on identifying the range of possible European LNG consumption requirements, based on a country-level analysis of gas production, consumption, seasonality of demand, storage capacity and pipeline transmission constraints, using both current data and forecast trends.

European gas markets briefing for busy professionals

A company providing professional services to trading markets asked us to write a concise guide to European gas markets that could be used to bring a small but geographically dispersed team up to speed with the basic knowledge and terminology that they needed to talk credibly to gas traders while expanding their existing services into the gas markets. We put together a 15-page quick-start guide designed to communicate essential basic knowledge, together with the kind of historical perspective that an industry insider would have, and an introduction to some current issues that traders might be concerned about, all in a highly readable form. A London-based team member told us it had become his preferred reading material for his daily commute to work!

Evaluation of market information value

A software company that provides systems for management of oil trading operations found itself with a growing database of operational information, some of it unusual and possibly unique in the industry. We were asked to assess the value of this information to potential users including physical oil traders, risk managers, banks and trading houses, and to propose how it might be packaged and marketed. We analysed the available data and proposed four possible information services based on it. We then interviewed senior contacts in a sample of target companies in North America and Europe to assess their potential value. We also provided a comprehensive survey of the availability and cost of similar information available from other sources in the market.