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Customised Workshops and Seminars

We can devise tailored programmes to meet your specific requirements for training and knowledge transfer in subject areas ranging from energy industry fundamentals through physical markets and trading to risk management and derivatives.

We regularly run tailored in-house training programmes for major integrated oil companies and commodities trading houses.  We have also developed and presented customised training courses for banks, consultancy firms, industrial energy buyers, energy supply companies, oil storage operators, price reporting agencies and refiners.

We can meet your requirement for any format from a half-day seminar to a four-day workshop.  We can fit a two-day programme around a busy work schedule by presenting it in mornings or afternoons only, or even at the weekend.  If you’re bringing a team together for a meeting, we can run a competitive energy trading game or provide a short topical seminar session.

The following are some examples of recent projects that we have undertaken in association with Mennta Energy Solutions.

Oil Trading Workshop

A major integrated oil company wanted to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about trading throughout its organisation, particularly among the financial and operational teams which support trading. With senior managers at the client company, we devised a three-day programme with lots of competitive trading simulations. We ran the workshop at the client's offices in the USA, Europe and Asia, significantly raising the knowledge of several hundred people and giving them new insight into the world of oil trading.

European Gas and Power Week

A multi-commodity trading house wished to bring a group of around thirty London-based staff up to speed on European gas and power markets and trading.  Some were new to the company or to the energy trading sector, while others were experienced traders.  We designed a highly flexible programme, with five different half-day or full-day modules presented at their offices over the course of a week, allowing each individual to tailor their own training experience by choosing which sessions to attend.

Team Away Day Trading Game

A petroleum refining and marketing company was bringing together key individuals from locations all over Europe for a two-day business strategy meeting in Amsterdam.  They asked us to come and run a short competitive trading game, to provide a fun but educational session during their meeting.