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Since 2004, we have been researching and writing about trading in European natural gas markets. Our reports are published by Prospex Research and are available for purchase online. In our reports, we aim to bring together all the information and analysis that is required to understand the trading of natural gas in Europe and how the markets are changing and evolving. We have also written reports on individual national markets for gas and on oil trading in Europe.

European Gas Trading 2018

This 178 page report was written by Kingston Energy Consulting and published by Prospex Research in September 2018. It offers a comprehensive analysis of European gas wholesale markets, including trading volumes, the exchanges and brokers that support OTC and cleared trading. It covers the regulation of trading, gas production and consumption, existing and planned infrastructure, and the main players in the markets. 41 tables and 46 charts or maps provide extensive details of European gas infrastructure, supply and demand fundamentals, trading activity and company involvement.

Important themes in this year's report include:

  • A slight downturn in overall trading activity, with just over 50,000 TWh of gas changing hands at European hubs;
  • The continued rise of the TTF market, which has pushed the long-established NBP market into second place in trading volume;
  • Continued expansion of exchange trading of futures and spot gas;
  • Restricted Dutch gas production and the loss of UK gas storage and their impact on gas supply and flexibility;
  • Competition among exchange operators and OTC brokers for TTF market share.

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